If you have a water heater on your property, you would want it to last for a very long time. Most good quality systems will last for 8 to 10 years. However, various aspects would determine the durability and longevity of this unit. If you have used the system as it should be and serviced it with regularity, it can last for an even longer time than that. So exactly how often should you service your water heater?

When you maintain your hot water system and get it serviced at specific intervals, it will perform well. It will also be energy efficient and provide you with the hot water you want without breaking down often. All of these are crucial things. We always recommend to our clients that they should get their hot water system serviced once every six months. However, if you feel that the system on your property sees more use or if you are a commercial property owner, your hot water system might need more frequent service.

One of the best ways to determine this frequency is to contact us with your requirement. We are very skilled in our work and will provide you with information about what schedule would work best for your hot water system to perform a well. Also, if you notice that the unit isn’t working as it should contact us without delay. We will come to inspect the water heater, determine what is wrong and fix it on time.

2. Why does my toilet keep running, and what can I do about it?

Many people tend to ignore running toilets. They feel that it is not a significant issue and that there is only some minor water leakage which they don’t need to be so worried about. However, this is the wrong approach. When you have a running toilet, you must attend to it as urgently as any other plumbing problem. If you ignore this problem or neglect to get it fixed on time, it can escalate very quickly, resulting in excessive leakage.

When you have a large amount of water accumulating in your bathroom or any other space, it can cause a lot of damage to various features. You can easily avoid this problem by calling in a licensed plumber to fix your toilet leak. Since these systems are used daily, there would be some times when specific components would wear out or stop working. In most instances, the fixes are easy and be can be completed quickly and efficiently.

You will also find that these minor repairs are quite affordable. There are various reasons why a toilet will leak. In some cases, it could be that the valve inside it has a worn-out. A stuck chain is another reason why toilet leaks occur. If you have noticed this problem call us and we will send a plumber to your location. They will inspect the unit, check what is the problem and fix it quickly. The plumber will also check the rest of the connecting plumbing installations, to determine if anything else is wrong and needs fixing.

It isn’t uncommon for property owners to use chemical drain cleaners regularly in their home or commercial establishment. These drain cleaners are commonly available in hardware stores and on supermarket shelves. Many people feel that they are effective in clearing blocked drains, and they do help to some extent. However, it would be best if you looked a little deeper than the immediate effects of the drain cleaners. These products are quite potent, and they do have a lot of toxic ingredients in them.

While they make clear the blockage temporarily, they also cause a significant amount of harm to the plumbing system itself. If you are using these products regularly, you would never know how much damage has been caused to the drainpipe under the ground until you have to deal with a significant problem. Also, it is not safe to use these toxic products in your home regularly. They can be very harmful to vulnerable family members and pets in your home.

It is far better to call in a licensed plumber to handle a blocked drain issue. One of the better ways to tackle this problem is to avoid it from cropping up in the first place. This is where preventive plumbing maintenance comes into the picture. As part of the services, we visit your property, inspect all the plumbing systems and the drainage lines using a CCTV frame camera and clear any impending blockages before they get out of hand.

If you find brown or rust-coloured water coming from showers, taps, etc., it can be alarming. This plumbing issue needs to be addressed immediately. It is best to hire the services of a professional and experienced plumber who will visit your property and inspect the plumbing system. The problem crops up because of corrosion inside the pipe. In some cases, sediment build-up or rust deposits in your hot water unit can result in this problem as a well.

Once the water is compromised, it is not safe for use, and you need to call in a professional to address it without delay. We provide reliable and prompt solutions. When our plumber visits your property, they use the latest tools in their work, allowing them to zero in on the exact location of the problem. Being able to diagnose plumbing issues properly is a crucial aspect of fixing them correctly.

We will determine whether the problem is being caused by rust build up inside your hot water system or in the pipe leading to the showers and taps. During the inspection, if our plumber finds that the build-up in the hot water system is severe, they will inform you about it. In this case, replacing the unit might be the only appropriate solution. If your system is more than 10 years old and has developed this problem, we may recommend replacement rather than repair.

If your shower is taking a long time to heat up, there could be several different issues that are causing this. Sometimes it occurs because your hot water system is very far away from the bathroom area. It takes a very long time for the cold water to get drained from the pipe before hot water reaches the shower. In some instances, it is an incorrect hot water system size that causes this issue. The unit is unable to meet your family’s hot water requirements.

If the unit is old, it can take much longer to heat up than usual, which means you will also get hot water in the shower very slowly. Sometimes these problems are not caused by the plumbing systems at all. Colder weather can also sometimes be the culprit, and it may take time for hot water to reach your shower. Insulating the pipes can solve this issue. Since there are so many different things to take into consideration, our plumbing professionals will inspect various components of the system.

These include the hot water unit itself as well as the pipe leading to the shower and bathroom areas. They will provide suitable solutions depending on the condition of the hot water unit and the connected pipes. Sometimes, installing a circulating pump is the right solution as it will direct water evenly to various areas of your property. If the plumber finds that your hot water system has lost its performance, they may recommend that you get it replaced.

It isn’t uncommon for water leakages to crop up on a commercial or residential property. Unfortunately, many people do not even realize that they have a leak until they notice large amounts of water flooding a particular area of the home or seeping out of the walls on the property. It typically happens because most of the plumbing systems are hidden behind installations or under the ground.

Because they are out of sight, you may not notice the problem before it gets out of hand. If you have a sudden leakage in your house, one of the first things you need to do is to turn off the main water supply at the point where the metre is. This will stop further flooding. Never try to handle the repair problem yourself. After you have turned off the main valve, contact licensed plumbing professionals like us, and we will send out our experts to your property.

They will use the latest leak detection equipment in their work to identify precisely where the leakage is. They will fix the problem using the best materials and products. Timely intervention is one of the best ways to tackle all kinds of water leakages. Another good way to prevent these problems from occurring is to opt for preventive plumbing maintenance. The plumber will come to your property, inspect every little fixture and installation thoroughly and fix any issues before they develop into more severe ones. When it comes to plumbing systems, prevention is always better than cure.

When you are planning to head out on vacation, you need to make sure that your house is safe and secure before you leave. Just as you check all the doors and windows, and turn off all the appliances like gas stoves etc., you might also be wondering whether it is a good idea to turn the water supply off to your home when you are away for a more extended period. It is quite a valid question, and many of our clients ask us this.

When it comes to plumbing systems, many are hidden behind certain features, under the ground or behind walls and more. Since you are unable to view these installations, you do not know what their condition is until something goes wrong with them. So if something happens when you are not at home for a longer time frame, there is no way you would be able to fix it.

This is why it is best to turn the water supply off to your home when you are going away on an extended holiday. If you have reservations about doing this and feel that you want to keep the water supply on during this time, it is good to get the system inspected from professionals like us. Our team will visit your property and check the installations using leak detection tools. They would also fix any potential problems so that it reduces the chances of plumbing issues cropping up while you are not around.

Sometimes, people find that their water bills are much higher than usual. If the water usage on your property has been higher, that would explain it. However, without any change in use, if you find that you are getting high water bills, it is something to be concerned about. This may occur if you have a large number of leaking taps or toilets on your property.

If that is not the case, there could be a leakage in some pipe which is not visible. Since it is difficult to determine whether there is a problem in the plumbing system, there is a basic check you should do before calling in a plumber. Check your water meter reading and then turn the main valve off. Turn off all the appliances that use water in your home for a few hours. After that, do another check on the reading. If there has been a change, it indicates there is some leakage on your property which would need fixing.

Our team is here to help with all your plumbing issues, including any water leakage problems that you might be facing. They will conduct a thorough check on your property, inspect all the plumbing systems using the latest leak detection tools and equipment. This will allow them to determine where a problem lies, and they can provide you with a suitable solution quickly and efficiently. Another right way to prevent this from happening is to call us in for plumbing maintenance and service, and we can fix impending problems on time.

Many people find that they do not get a sufficient amount of hot water when they are showering, and someone else uses a tap at that same time. This is generally due to low water pressure, and there are various reasons for it. Sometimes, the water pipe that leads from your hot water system to the bathroom is narrow. It means that when someone turns on a tap, it affects the flow of water to a shower connected to that same main pipe.

In other cases, this problem is caused due to the build-up of sediments inside the hot water system or the pipes leading to the bathroom area. Since various aspects could affect the flow of water to the showers, you must hire the services of professional plumbers to inspect all of the installations. They will check every little aspect before coming up with a solution. In case there is a sedimentation build up in the pipe, they may flush the system entirely.

However, if your hot water system is old, they might recommend that you get it replaced because repairs might not solve the problem. Also, if rust has built up and has accumulated at the base of the hot water unit near the outlet, it can mean a replacement is the only solution. However, we never come to this conclusion before conducting a thorough check on the showerhead and pipes leading to the bathroom from the hot water unit.

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to carry out some basic repairs and home improvement projects on their property. However, when it comes to plumbing problems, you should never try to handle them yourself. Legally you must hire a licensed plumber to tackle all types of plumbing issues on your property. So when you have to hire a professional, you would know how much it costs. But like all other services, there is no standard rate, because every plumbing company will maintain a specific pricing structure.

In some cases, this depends on other company’s expertise, reputation and experience while at others, it depends on the nature and severity of the plumbing problem. One of the best ways to make sure that you are not overpaying for a service is to contact a few operators that have a good presence in the market. You can get quotations from them and determine how much they are charging for a particular service.

However, when you are doing this check, you also need to keep in view the company’s experience, expertise and reputation as all of these are essential things. When you hire a company like ours, you are always sure of getting high-quality services at affordable pricing. We never overcharge for our services and are still upfront with our quotations so you have the right idea about how much you would be paying before you hire us.