Gas Leak Detection in Mornington

A gas leak is quite a hazardous situation because it can quickly turn into a fire risk. Even minor gas leakages that occur consistently on a property can impact the health of the people staying on working there. No matter where the gas leak is, you would need to hire professionals for gas leak detection in Mornington.

While you would be able to detect that there is a gas leak due to the odour, you might not be able to pinpoint where the origin of the leakage is. Mornington Local Plumber Has been at the fore of this industry for over 25 years. During this time we have handled a wide variety of projects for our clients.

24/7 Emergency Gas Leak Detection In Mornington

We understand that many gas fitting and gas repair jobs are critical. Similarly, gas leak detection is an essential service that also goes hand in hand with gas leak repairs.

When you call us with this issue, one of the first things we tell you to do is to switch off the main valve at the gas metre while you wait for us to arrive at your property. Our team will also be there within 60 minutes of your call. In the meantime, you must vacate your property and make sure that there are no lit candles or cigarettes etc.

Signs That You Have A Gas Leak

The important thing about gas leak detection is that you need to call us as soon as you notice the problem. Some of the common signs of leaks include:

  • A rotten egg odour
  • You find that the gas flame is either yellow or orange- it should be blue
  • You may notice that the plants in your landscape are browning or wilting
  • People in your home or commercial establishment complain of nausea dizziness and headaches

If you want to know more about our expert gas leak detection services in Mornington, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mornington Local Plumber at 0488 849 029. You can request a free quote through this page or send us your queries via this Contact Us form, and we will call you back within a short time.


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